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Who We Are

BEI began as a request. A request that

machinist Marvin Bamsch should make a

custom, quality part on his own. Marvin

accepted the challenge, the parts were a

success and a company was born. In

time, his son Neil took over the

ownership. And while keeping the best

machinist skills and hard working

business values as the core, Neil added

the latest technologies. Advancements

to produce parts more efficiently.

Family owned and operated for more

than 45 years, with a combined century

of experience, we pride our selves in being a quality manufacturing facility who

keeps its promises with delivering quality

parts. On time.



BEI takes the best available raw

materials out there and makes

quality parts from it. We cut it,

machine it, chrome it, grind it, coat

it and package it in ways to fit your

needs. Our parts are run by

experienced machinists. People

who take pride and care about

every piece that they make, backed

by a company who stands by how it

is made.

With Exceptional Quality

BEI parts are built to last. We

think they’re the best parts in the

industry, built in the USA by hard

working Americans. Excellent,

quality parts that will last.